Contact the unit for field-based forest research

Last changed: 21 October 2021

The unit for field-based forest research belongs to the faculty of forest sciences and has its administrative seat in Svartberget, Vindeln.

Management team

Tomas Lundmark - Unit manager
+4670-631 7412

Charlotta Erefur - Unit coordinator
+4670-252 4702

Jan-Peter Nordmark, Administration manager
+4670-315 0325

Kim Lindgren, - IT-coordinator
+4670-548 9615

Postal address

SLU, Unit for field-based forest research
c/o Department of forest ecology and management
SE90183 Umeå

Station managers

Martin Ahlström, Station manager at Asa research parks
+46472-263 171

Ulf Johansson, Station manager at Tönnersjöheden and Skarhult
+4670-568 1944

Ola Langvall, Station manager at Siljansfors and Jädraås
+46472-263 180

Johan Westin, Station manager at Vindelns research parks
+4670-346 9459


Tomas Lundmark, Professor
Department of Forest Ecology and Management; Forest Management Unit, +4690-786 8480, +4670-631 7412

Jan-Peter Nordmark, Financial Officer
Vindeln, joint staff, SLU, +4690-786 8770, +4670-315 0325