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Degree project

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Master's Thesis

Do you want to work in forests, in arctic environments, on savannas, or in tropical rainforests? Are you interested in ­historical data, or spatial data such as animal move­ments or distribution of

Presentations of master theses

stina.johannesson@slu.se Welcome to listen to our students' presentations of their master theses in forest science. All presentations are held in English in room Silvicum, Southern Swedish Forest

LA theses

Presentations of Master's theses in Landsape architecture anni.hoffren@slu.se Welcome to listen to the presentations of the Master's theses produced by the students at the international Master's

EC Masters theses

Presentation of Master's Theses in Environmental Communication anni.hoffren@slu.se Welcome to listen to the presentations of the Master's theses produced by students at the international Master's

Student Theses

Presentation of Master's Theses anni.hoffren@slu.se Presentation of Master's Theses produced at the international Master's Programme Rural Development and Natural Resource Management. On the 1st

Master's thesis

You can write your master’s thesis at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre in the subject of forest science or biology. The following list outlines some of the fields in which you can do your

Contact a researcher

Do you want to get in touch with a researcher? Do you have a question about water and fish? We hope you will find the right person to ask below! SLU Departments Several of SLU’s departments have

Emilia did her thesis work in South Africa

The conservation of wildlife and their habitats is something Emilia Malmström is really passionate about. In her thesis work, she went to South Africa to study the effects of white rhinos on the

The lust for adventures took Maja to South Africa

The dream of adventures out on the African savannah was one of the main reasons Maja Widell applied for the Master's programme Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations. Even before she had started

Bachelor's thesis

Are you interested in biodiversity, animal movements or how game and fish can be managed in a sustainable way? We have a wide range of bachelor's theses in the subjects forest science and biology!

Adam's research can help resolve human-elephant conflicts

When the living space of Asian elephants shrinks, they seek food on farms, which creates conflicts with the local population. This is a major obstacle in the work to preserve the elephants, and

Do moose adjust their behaviour to survive the hunting season?

Do moose adjust their movement patterns and habitat selections during the hunting season? Lukas Graf's investing that in his Master's thesis. Tell us a bit about yourself! My name is Lukas and I'm