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Degree project

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MSc thesis presentations

MSc thesis presentations klas.pernebratt@slu.se MSc thesis presentations, Tuesday 26th October 2021 In Zoom, for the link contact giulia.attocchi@slu.se     09.00 – 10:00 Joel Pihlak “Thermally

Anna is doing a PhD within wildlife management

Having goals and being determined to reach them pays off. Anna early had a vision about working with wildlife management and conflicts between humans and wildlife. Today, she is doing a PhD at the

Master's Thesis

Do you want to work in forests, in arctic environments, on savannas, or in tropical rainforests? Are you interested in ­historical data, or spatial data such as animal move­ments or distribution of


At the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies , we provide the master's programme Conservation and Management of Fish and Wildlife . We also have individual courses at both advanced

MSc thesis presentations

MSc thesis presentations klas.pernebratt@slu.se MSc thesis presentations at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre. MSc thesis presentations that you can follow in Zoom, for the link please


Study for a sustainable world at SLU and become a future expert in Forest, Wildlife and Fish. Take the opportunity to study at the Forest Faculty that is ranked as number one in the world ! Want to

MSc and BSc projects

On-going MSc projects Completed MSc and BSc projects Lucia Motlogelwa Ledwaba, MSc, working title: In-situ vermicomposting of faeces in a dry composting toilet. Lovisa Lindberg, MSc, arbetstitel:

Jimmy Nyman

Wildlife management is more about people than animals, says Jimmy Nyman who works as a game manager at the Swedish Association of Hunting and Wildlife Management. The education at SLU gave him the

Sherry Young

Sherry Young is a PhD student in Canada where she is leading a research project on snow leopards. A couple of years ago, she did her Master's thesis at SLU Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies,

MSc thesis

The Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre offers interested and eligible students the opportunity to write their master’s thesis (30 ECTS or 60 ECTS) or bachelor’s thesis (15 ECTS). We offer

Hyenas and wild bees - students talk about their thesis projects in our podcast

Genetic markers in hyenas and the impact of forestry on wild bees. The podcast Wild Research Bites is back with an episode with two master's students who talk about their thesis projects. Listen

Podcast Wild research bites

A podcast from the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies at SLU, Umeå, where two Ph.D. students bite into topics regarding research, education, and current forest and