Carenet Poster Award

Last changed: 24 June 2021

Outstanding posters at Carenet yearly networking meeting are awarded the Carenet Poster Award. A scientific jury selects the winning posters based on scientific excellence, clarity and visual presentation.

Carenet Poster Award 2019

Cranial cruciate ligament disease in cats – An epidemiological retrospective study of 50 cats, Karolina Engdahl, Dept Clinical Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and Gudrun Seeberg Boge, Department of Companion Animal Clinical Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Carenet Poster Award 2018

Objective post-mortem body fat evaluation in cats, Cecilia Ley, Dept Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Public Health, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

CAReNet Poster Award winners 2019, Karolina Engdahl and Gudrun Seeberg Boge.
CAReNet Poster Award winner 2018, Cecilia Ley, and CAReNet chairman Bodil Ström Holst.