13 Mar

MVM 2034, Ultuna, SLU Uppsala (video link to Alnarp, Skara)

Sustainable diet from sustainable production

In the wake of, among other things, a report on healthy food from a sustainable food system from the organization EAT and the journal Lancet, we ponder what can SLU contribute with? Is there something missing?

SLU Future Food invites interested researchers at SLU to an open discussion on March 13 with the aim of creating concrete proposals for continued work. Based on Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT–Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems, we will discuss which parameters we think are missing.

Do we want to add parameters?

What would SLU's researchers want to supplement such a report with to give another overall picture? We will also start from the conclusions drawn in the same report regarding dietary recommendations and discuss what effect this would have on Swedish agriculture. What future scenarios do you see? Perhaps we can develop a report similar to the one that Elin Röös et al 2015 did for SLU Framtiden Lantbruk about ’Kött och mjölk från djur uppfödda på bete och restprodukter- ger det en hållbar kost’?

Creating a sustainable food system - identifying knowledge gaps

The objective of this workshop is to gather SLU's researchers who work on creating a sustainable food system and want to work interdisciplinary. This work provides opportunities to identify knowledge gaps that can be valuable for this spring's calls from e.g. FORMAS and MISTRA, new projects and reports.

The workshop is held in English and a lunch sandwich will be served.


Time: 2019-03-13 09:30 - 13:00
City: SLU Uppsala (video link to Alnarp, Skara)
Location: MVM 2034, Ultuna
Organiser: SLU Future Food
Last signup date: 1 March 2019
Additional info:

Who can partcicipate?: Researchers and PhD students from SLU

Language: English


  • SLU Alnarp: Spiltan Articum/Navet
  • SLU Skara: P Norlingssalen
  • SLU Umeå: Hollywood (Please contact us if you wish to partcipate from this Umeå location)

The registration is binding as we plan to serve food and want to avoid contributing to food waste.

SLU Future Food will pay for your travel expences if you are situated at another SLU location but wish to participate in Uppsala. 

Read more about sustainable diets from sustainable productions on SLU Future Food's web.



Light sandwich lunch

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