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Food Systems at SLU

During 2021, the UN made a joint effort to discuss and plan for sustainable food systems around the world, when the UN conference Food Systems Summit was held in New York. Sweden, as well as many other countries, arranged national dialogues on Food Systems preceding the meeting. SLU contributes with research and knowledge about Food Systems. On this theme page, we gather current information from SLU concerning research, knowledge, collaborations and dialogues about how we can achieve a sustainable global food system. 

About Food Systems

The food system is a complex web of activities involving the production, processing, transport, and consumption of food. With this thematic page, SLU wants to highlight research, cooperations, initiatives and ongoing dialogues about sustainable food systems.

Student using microscope. Photo.

Education at SLU

SLU has first class master programmes within Sustainable Food Systems.

Food Systems initiatives involving SLU

SLU takes part in many international initiatives aiming at supporting and achieving sustainable food systems and the Global Developments Goals (SDGs)


Published: 29 March 2022 - Page editor: futurefood@slu.se