About SLU Breeding Network

Last changed: 08 May 2024

SLU Breeding Network aims to:

  • strengthen research in plant and animal breeding by utilizing the potential of the many researchers working at SLU's various parts
  • make current research in the field of breeding at SLU visible, both internally and externally
  • increase the interaction between research and education.

SLU Breeding Network is a collaboration between Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science (LTV), Faculty of Forest Sciences (S), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (VH), and Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences (NJ) and is a continuation of the vice-chancellors strategic investment into the cross-faculty subject areas that started in 2014 (SLU.ua.2013.1.1.1-5722).

Steering group

SLU Breeding Network is led by a steering group consisting of two members each from the faculties involved, who together will represent the width in the field of breeding. The members, including the chairman, are appointed by the dean of the LTV faculty, following proposals from the respective dean at each faculty. The chairmanship is held by a member from the LTV faculty. The steering group appoints a vice chairman from among its members.

The steering group also appoints a coordinator.

Rodomiro Octavio Ortiz Rios, chair, LTV

María Rosario García Gil, vice chair, S

Sreten Andonov, VH

Erling Strandberg, VH

Åsa Grimberg, LTV

Harry Wu, S

Martha Rendón Anaya, NJ

Martin Weih, NJ

Coordinator: Anna Maňourová

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SLU Breeding Network

Rodomiro Octavio Ortiz Rios (chair)
Department of Plant Breedig, Alnarp

María Rosario García Gil, (vice chair)
Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, Umeå

Anna Maňourová (coordinator)
Department of Plant Breeding, Alnarp