Last changed: 22 May 2024

The platform is affiliated with, and steered by, the SLU Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science (LTV). Hosted by LTV’s Unit for Collaboration and Development (SoU), Urban Futures maintains three hubs, at Alnarp Campus, Ultuna Campus and Umeå Campus.

The organisation of SLU Urban Futures

The Programme Director is appointed by the Dean of the LTV Faculty, in consultation with members of the platform's steering group and the Head of the Unit for Collaboration and Development (SoU).

A steering committee approves each year's work plan and budget, proposed by the Programme Director.

Operational team

  • Nina Vogel, Programme Director
  • Carolina Pettersson, Programme Secretary
  • Andrew Gallagher, Project Coordinator
  • Tove Stenius, Programme Secretary (on parental leave)


  • Hanna Weiber-Post, Communications Officer​
  • Teresia Borgman, Communications Officer​
  • Parvin Mazandarani, Web publisher

Hub Coordinators

  • Andrew Gallagher, Campus Ultuna
  • Dimitris Athanassiadis, Campus Umeå
  • Amanda Gabriel, Campus Alnarp

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SLU Urban Futures Affiliates are researchers and teachers who work part-time for the platform to run a collaborative project in specific areas of sustainable urban development​, in accordance with the platform's mission and vision, and with the Swedish Government's definition of SDG 11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities.


SLU Urban Futures Ambassadors are researchers, teachers and students who represent SLU at sustainable urban development events, build links to the urban stages and report back to the platform. 

Steering group 

  • Karl Lövrie, Pro Dean, LTV-faculty, chairman of the steering group
  • Anders Larsson, LTV-faculty
  • Else Verbeek, VH-faculty
  • Rosario Garcia Gil, S-faculty
  • Johan Gaddefors, NJ-faculty
  • Ida Andersson, Unit for Collaboration and Development, LTV

Annual reports