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SLU Urban Futures runs and provides support for collaborative projects, networks and activities aimed at strengthening SLU’s strategic research areas in sustainable urban development.

Climate conversations

SLU Global and SLU's four Future Platforms are organising a series of Climate Conversations. There are webinars open for anyone to join and some for SLU staff only. Next event is an internal event on 12 February.

SDG-cubes in front of the main entrance

Food and Cities

Food and Cities is a collaboration between SLU Future Food and  SLU Urban Futures.  The project explores the systemic relations between food systems and urban development and how these relationships influence the transformation toward sustainable societies.

City market.

Urban Forests

Urban trees and forests contribute to making cities socio-economically and environmentally more sustainable. This is a transdisciplinary field where the two platforms SLU Urban Futures and Future Forests meet. Together they are organising a webinar series on urban forests.

Trees in autumn colours and a person walking on a pathway.

Urban Sustainability in the Global South

The affiliation between SLU Global and SLU Urban Futures aims to strengthen research collaboration in the area of urban sustainability with a focus on low and middle-income countries.

Railway through market.

Urban Wildlife

This project aims to develop collaborations between wildlife ecologists and municipalities, developing a system to monitor urban wildlife, providing new knowledge that can be used to inform urban planning.

Roe deer in garden.

Urban Forum

SLU Urban Futures and Urban Arena at Lund University have been co-hosting physical and digital events where practice meets academia.

A group of people standing in a circle , talking.

SLU Urban Talks

SLU Urban Talks was an open seminar series, organised in 2014-2019, with the aim to promote a continuous debate on the contemporary and future urban landscape.

A lecture hall from behind the room with an illuminated stage.

Uppsala Municipality Collaboration

The Uppsala Municipality Collaboration aim to strengthen collaboration between SLU and Uppsala Municipality and to create synergies between the work of the municipality and the research conducted at SLU that will have mutual benefits for both organisations and society at large.

View over a city.

Malmö District Development

Mistra Urban Futures' Local Interaction Platform in Skåne, promotes and harness participatory research for sustainable neighbourhood development.

Train station with the text Rosengard.

Uppsala Health Summit 2019

The focus for the summit 2019 was 'Healthy Urban Childhoods'. SLU Urban Futures co-hosted the event together with Petter Åkerblom.

Co-workers at the Uppsala Health Summit 2019

The Almedal Week

SLU Urban Futures participated in the Almedalen Week 2017-2019, where we arranged seminars focusing on future scenarios, cars in urban development and domestic wastewater.

A sign in Visby showing the road to Almedalen.
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