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SLU Urban Talks

SLU Urban Talks was a seminar series organised in Malmö, Uppsala and Umeå, 2014-2019.

Wild animal close to residential houses.

Animal Adaptations to Survive the Anthropocene

Roland Kays, Professor in Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Program vid North Carolina State University, USA
26 april 2019 - Umeå

Designing for Energy Transitions - landscape as a backdrop, a landing field or an actor

Dirk Sijmons, Professor em. of Landscape Architecture, Co-founder of H+N+S Landscape Architects, The Netherlands
17 January 2019 - Malmö

The Future of Dams - The Role of Design in Supporting Complex Environmental Decisions

Emily VoglerAssistant Professor and the Department Chair of the Landscape Architecture Program, Rhode Island School of Design, USA. 
16 October 2018 - Malmö

Newton Harrison - Pre-emptive Planning & The Centre For The Study Of The Force Majeure

Newton Harrison, artist and pioneer of the eco-art movement, together with his wife Helen Mayer Harrison (“the Harrisons”), USA.
27 September 2018 - Uppsala

The Biodesign Makerspace - fostering transdisciplinary enquiry in science and design

Jennifer Bissonnette, Biological Programs Designer, the Nature Lab at Rhode Island School of Design, USA.
17 May 2018 - Malmö

Norm-creative city planning - how to create a city for more people

Angelica Åkerman och Rebecca Rubin, Architects, White Arkitekter, Sweden.
17 May 2018 - Uppsala

Designing for Urban Childhoods

Felicitas zu Dohna, Foresight Analyst at Arup Foresight, Research and Innovation, London, UK.
19 April 2018 - Uppsala

Birch trees.

The Urban Life of Trees

Stefan Darlan Boris, Assistant Professor of landscape architecture, Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark.
20 March 2018 - Malmö

Collaborative Negotiation as a Geodesign Method

Carl Steinitz, Professor of landscape architecture and planning, emeritus, GSD, Harvard University, USA.
27 November 2017 - Malmö

[U-Seed] Semilla Urbana - Contemporary urban practices in public space

Jesús Huarte, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
17 October 2017 - Malmö

(FUSE Talk)

The Making of Metropolises

Carlos GotliebProfessor of Urbanism at the Architecture and Landscape School of Bordeaux, France.
2 May 2017 - Malmö

(FUSE Talk)

HONG KONG: Sustainability at the extremes

Mathew PryorProfessor of Landscape Architecture
University of Hong Kong, China.
14 March 2017 - Malmö

(FUSE Talk)

The Proof is Eating the Pudding - From strategic planning to public space

Bart BrandsLandscape architect, Director of Karres en Brands, Hilversum, the Netherlands.
8 March 2016 - Malmö

(FUSE Talk)

Paper Urbanism - The pencil, the screen, the fork and the fabric

Donatella CusmáArchitect, partner at Claret-Cup, Los Angeles
Adjunct Woodbury University School of Architecture, Los Angeles
Research Institute of Experimental Architecture, USA.
29 September 2015 - Malmö

(FUSE Talk)

As We Move

Ottmar EtteProfessor of Romance literature, Coordinator of POINTS Potsdam International Network for Transarea Studies, University of Potsdam, Germany.
26 August 2015 - Malmö

(FUSE Talk)

Design for Flood vs. Drought

Antje StokmanAssociate Professor of Ecosystem Design and Watershed Management at Stuttgart University, Germany.
26 May 2015 - Malmö

(FUSE Talk)

How much for a tree?

Monika GoraArtist and Landscape architect, GORA art&landscape Malmöand Gunilla BandolinProfessor at the University College of Art, Craft and Design (Konstfack), Stockholm, Sweden.
21 April 2015 - Malmö

(FUSE Talk)

Playscapes for Marginalised Communities

Flavio Janches, Architect and Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
14 October 2014 - Malmö

(FUSE Talk)

Big Programmes - Space, Form and Meaning

Ana KucanProfessor of Landscape Architecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
10 June 2014 - Malmö

(FUSE Talk)

We Need Experiments

Thomas SievertsProfessor emeritus Urban planner, Studio Urbane Landschaften Munich, S.K.A.T. Architecten und Stadtplaner, Germany.
29 April 2014 - Malmö

(FUSE Talk)

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