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Ultuna Hub

SLU Urban Futures' hub in Ultuna, located at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, is coordinated by Andrew Gallagher.

Ultuna Hub updates - June 2023

Read about Uppsala MatRåd - and their efforts to establish a food policy council in the Uppsala region, the food research day (Livsmedelsdagen) hosted at Ultuna campus at SLU this year, and the two projects that were granted seed funding from the Food&Cities call in 2023.

Strawberries in a table with flowers.

Conference 'Getting our Cities Right #1''

On the 14th of June 2022, we gathered for a conference at Campus Ultuna in Uppsala. International speakers from a variety of disciplines reflected on practices, policies, and processes that shape urban transformation, with an extra focus on sustainable urban food systems. Read summaries of the presentations here.

Interviews: How to get our cities right?

Four keynote speakers at the conference 'Getting our Cities Right' in Uppsala on the 14th of June 2022, answer the question: From your perspective and background, what would be the three key ways to get our cities right?

Uppsala Municipality Collaboration

The Uppsala Municipality Collaboration aim to strengthen collaboration between SLU and Uppsala Municipality and to create synergies between the work of the municipality and the research conducted at SLU that will have mutual benefits for both organisations and society at large.

View over a city.

Uppsala Health Summit 2019

The focus for the summit 2019 was 'Healthy Urban Childhoods'. SLU Urban Futures co-hosted the event together with Petter Åkerblom.

Co-workers at the Uppsala Health Summit 2019
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