About Grönt kulturarv®

Last changed: 13 November 2022
Green heritage logo in red, white and green. Under the logo, and as part of the logo, is written "Green cultural heritage".

The name of the trademark, Grönt kulturarv®, translate as “Green Heritage”. The trademark was registered to make it possible to release and market plant material collected by the Swedish national programme for cultivated plant diversity, Pom.

The programme is Sweden’s endeavour to better conserve and use our cultivated plants. One of Pom’s tasks is to find, collect and conserve old and valuable varieties of garden plants. Pom not only intends to save the plants for the future, but also to record the history and knowledge surrounding them.

Pom was initiated in 1998 by the Swedish Ministry of Agriculture. The programme is a network with members including open-air museums, botanical gardens, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Swedish National Heritage Board. The programme is coordinated by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, in Alnarp.

Pom has defined the following criteria for assessing plants as Grönt kulturarv®:

  • species and varieties cultivated in Sweden before 1940 or 1950, depending on the plant species, with a well-documented history;
  • varieties bred in Sweden, regardless of age;
  • material spontaneously arisen in Sweden, regardless of age, and assessed to be worth preserving.

In order for a plant variety to be marketed under the trademark Grönt kulturarv®, it must have been selected for conservation in the Swedish national gene bank for vegetatively propagated horticultural crops.


Conditions of use of the trademark Grönt kulturarv ®

The use of the trademark is subject to certain conditions:

SLU own the trademark Grönt kulturarv®. The trademark should be used to increase awareness of the importance of genetic resources, their use and good care.

The trademark can be used freely by those who want to produce and market plants that meet Pom's criteria for Grönt kulturarv®.

SLU/Pom markets Grönt kulturarv® with its own logo and graphic profile. Companies and organisations with activities related to the cultivation and marketing of plants may, use the trademark logo, either on its own or together with their respective company/organization logo.

The trademark Grönt kulturarv® is intended for the marketing and sale of living plants or propagation material such as seeds, bulbs, root portions or cuttings.

Learn more about how the logo may be used:

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