Activities 2023

Last changed: 09 May 2023

Nanotechnology in Agriculture and the Environment

This course introduces nanotechnology with an overview of the methods used to synthesise nanoparticles and their physical characteristics. With this background, there will be a presentation of specific applications for nanotechnology in agriculture and the environment. Examples from the literature and (where available) examples from an applied context will be provided. The student will be expected to end this course with a good understanding of the expected benefits and challenges of using nanotechnology in the agricultural and environmental contexts.

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Climate Action challenge

The case study challenge will develop the interdisciplinary teamwork skills and intercultural competence of the participants. The groups will be presented with a case connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the team should solve through online collaborative means.

The cases will be developed in collaboration between different GCUA 2030 partners and will be linked to the SDGs. The participants in the case study challenge will be invited to the GCUA 2030 final meeting, where they will get a chance to meet and interact, and where the best solutions to the cases will be recognised at an award ceremony.

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Course package within GCUA 2030

GCUA 2030 will offer four new PhD-courses running from May to November 2022. The courses can be taken as a full package or as individual courses.

  • Agenda 2030: Synergies, conflicts, and assessment tools
  • Working and communicating across cultures 
  • Education for sustainable development: Teaching for sustainability 
  • Designing research with impact using the Theory of Change approach 

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Mentorship programme

Welcome to the second cohort of the GCUA 2030 mentorship programme. 

The programme will be led by Dr. Katarina Billing who is a certified psychologist, coach and journalist with more than 20 years’ experience of working with people and leadership development.

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GCUA 2030 award

This award is a great opportunity for phd-students or recently graduated PhD-students to communicate their research to a broad audience globally.

The prize sum is 3500 EUR for the winner, 1000 EUR for the second place and 500 EUR for third place. The prize winners will be given the opportunity to present their research in a GCUA 2030 webinar.

Eligible candidates are PhD students or those who defended their thesis in 2022 at one of the GCUA 2030 member universities.

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GCUA 2030 course in Mexico

In January this year, Priscila Flores-Aguilar, Autonomous University of Queretaro, Mexico, hosted a short version of the GCUA 2030 -course "Sustainability in a globalized world" for researchers at her university. The course became a huge success among the participants as they learned more about sustainable development and Agenda 2030.

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