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Faruk Djodjic

Faruk Djodjic
My research explores mobilization and transport of nutrients from land to water with focus on agricultural landscape.


Current research activities include

  • Nutrient mobilization and transport at various scales
  • Hydrology-chemistry interactions and effects on sediment and nutrient losses
  • Modeling nutrients transport and source-apportionment
  • Tools for risk assessment of erosion and nutrient losses
  • Modeling spatial distribution of erosion and phosphorus losses and identification of variable source areas
  • Agricultural Best Management Practices for reduction of nutrient losses


Figure 1. Aerial photography with erosion rills and gullies after a high-flow episode in spring 2013.
Figure 2. Aerial photography with modelled erosion pathways (red lines) compared to erosion rills and gullies after a high-flow episode in spring 2013. For more information see Djodjic & Villa, AMBIO 44:241-251.

Selected publications

Selection of recent publications

Vallin, A., A. Grimvall, E.-L. Sundblad, and F. Djodjic. 2016. Changes in four societal drivers and their potential to reduce Swedish nutrient inputs into the sea. Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management report 2016:11.

Djodjic, F. and Villa, A. 2015. Distributed, high-resolution modelling of critical source areas for erosion and phosphorus losses. AMBIO 44:241-251.

Bergström, L., Kirchmann, H., Djodjic, F., Ulén, B., Kyllmar, K., Andersson, H., Aronsson, H., Börjesson, G., Kynkäänniemi, P., Liu, J., Svanbäck, A., Villa, A. 2015. Turnover and losses of phosphorus in Swedish agricultural soils – long-term changes, leaching trends and mitigations measures. Journal of Environmental Quality 2015:44: 512-523.

Villa, A., F. Djodjic, L. Bergström, and K. Kyllmar. 2015. Screening risk areas for sediment and phosphorus losses to improve placement of mitigation measures. AMBIO 44: 612-623.

Sharpley, A., L. Bergström, H. Aronsson, M. Bechmann, C. Bolster, K. Börling, F. Djodjic, H. Jarvie, et al. 2015. Future agriculture with minimized phosphorus losses to waters: Research needs and direction. AMBIO 44: 163-179.

Eveborn, D., Djodjic, F. 2015. GIS-based modelling of risks for impacts on surface water quality by onsite wastewater treatment systems (GIS-kartering av miljöskyddsnivå för små avlopp - Ett hjälpmedel vid tillstånds- och tillsynsarbete, In Swedish). JTI Rapport 53/2015, Kretslopp & Avfall.

Djodjic, F. 2015. Jordartsfördelning och växtnäringstillstånd i svensk åkermark - Sammanställning av resultat från Jordbruksverkets nationella jordartskartering. SLU, Institutionen för vatten och miljö, Rapport 2015:11.

Paulsson, R., F. Djodjic, C. Carlsson Ross, and K. Hjerpe. 2015. Nationell jordartskartering - Matjordens egenskaper i åkermarken. Jordbrusverkets Rapport 2015:19.

Ahlgren, J., Djodjic, F., Borjesson, G. and Mattsson, L. 2013. Identification and quantification of organic phosphorus forms in soils from fertility experiments. Soil Use and Management, Volume 29, 24-35.

Researcher at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment; Section for Geochemistry and Hydrology
Telephone: 018-673136
Postal address:
Institutionen för vatten och miljö, Box 7050
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala