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Last changed: 03 April 2024

Our roughage laboratory is an important part of the department. We perform ensiling studies in laboratory scale (test tube size to 200 L silos) as well as in the field (e.g. different bale sizes). We can perform studies of aerobic storage stability in silage and haylage in the field through temperature measurements and in constant room temperature with measurements of carbon dioxide production.

We have equipment for sampling of different roughage types such as core samplers in different lengths and diameters, and for measurements of tightness of wrapped bales. We also have equipment for studies on farm level such as pump units for additive applications, scales and scale trolleys.

With high competence and well tested equipment we can perform harvest-, conservation- and feeding studies from the growing crop to the feeding of conserved roughage, and our close connection to the feed laboratory makes further analytical work convenient. We can also perform microbial analysis through cultivation (commonly plate counts of lactic acid bacteria, enterobacteria, clostridia, yeast and mould) of roughage samples in connection to harvest, conservation and feeding studies.

We can also perform projects for external clients. We have a long tradition of performing different types of forage conservation and feeding studies for the industry as well as for various organizations and institutes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our roughage laboratory or would like to collaborate with us.

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