Episode 2 - An unwritten future: spatial justice and realms of citizenship

Last changed: 30 August 2023
Series 2 Episode 2

This is the second episode of season two. Human-land explores the fascinating world of collaborative and transdisciplinary research where we value the macrosystem perspective for spatial justice in our cities and regions, joined by Dr Matt Finch, an Associate Fellow at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and an expert practitioner in strategy and foresight, which includes scenario planning. We particularly focus on the Imagine project in Europe, a research program funded by Horizon 2020 to explore alternative ways of understanding and addressing territorial inequalities in Europe, aiming to identify policies that promote spatial justice and socio-economic well-being.

This episode focuses on spatial justice and how macro-level policies influence the individual and community experience. We explore to what extent spatial planning can guide places for spatial justice and explore an understanding of how an environmental psychology lens could be applied through exploring a sense of place and examining the concepts of spatial justice and territorial cohesion. Through a fascinating exploration of scenario-based planning for spatial justice - we delve into concepts of interconnected citizenship across territories, now and in the future, to support spatial justice at a macro level. Can a feral future be tamed through a psychological evolution of place?

In this episode, Dr Matt Finch explores with Human-land co-producer, Hannah Arnett:

  • Why the facilitation of spatial justice through spatial planning can be considered as a health issue to decrease regional and global inequality in place
  • How environmental psychology perspectives can support a viewpoint for spatial planning through the concept of sense(s) of place
  • How scenario planning can help rethink systems required at a macro level for fostering development of healthy societies


Co-producers: Amanda Gabriel and Hannah Arnett

Host and editor: Hannah Arnett

Peer review: Amanda Gabriel and Katrina Lane

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"Dream Wave" by Rose Alexander-George

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