Research in Environmental Psychology

Last changed: 24 November 2022

We are a multi- and interdisciplinary research group based on social science with intellectual ties to landscape architecture.

Research profile

Research in environmental psychology at the Alnarp campus focuses on how place and landscape surrounding people contribute to socially sustainable everyday environments. Particular attention is paid to outdoor environments promoting people’s health, well-being and development. In line with this, methods for use in evidence-based research, design and planning are developed, as well as basic research concerning the function of nature in processes contributing to health, well-being and development, e.g. physical activity, play and learning, recreation, restoration and creativity.

At present, the group conducts research focusing on the following aspects:

  • Landscape preferences and landscape perception.
  • Planning for health promotion in various types of outdoor environments, from natural to planned, e.g. forests, parks, schoolyards and health care facilities.
  • People and environment interaction from the perspective of particular needs of user groups, e.g. children, youth and vulnerable groups.
  • Salutogenic experiences and activities of interaction with nature and biodiversity, e.g. gardening, exercise, mealtime experiences and connectedness to nature.

The problem-based approach and close collaboration with important actors and policymakers generate unique opportunities to work with and integrate different aspects of sustainability in relation to urban as well as rural environments, all in line with the UN goals, e.g. goal 11: sustainable cities and communities.

The group is characterised by the majority of staff being involved in both research and teaching, which results in teaching with a high degree of research connectedness. We welcome students from a wide range of disciplines to our courses and we are often engaged as supervisors for independent projects.

Contact, +46 40 415015, +46 40 415170