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Department of People and Society

We research and teach environmental psychology, business management and advisory services. The focus of the department is on the human environment as a place for work, economic activities, health and well-being. The basic assumption is that health and well-being is a major force for a positive development of society, including business and management.

Meet our new colleagues!

Welcome to the department! From left to right: Rosa Hellman, PhD student (specialising in food waste), Misagh Mottaghi, post doctor (nature-based solutions, urban planning), and Anna Nohed, PhD student (nature-based solutions).

New European project: Naturescapes

Naturescapes is about nature-based solutions in landscapes whose character is the result of the action and interaction of natural and societal factors. Professor Kes McCormick is part of the management team for Naturescapes and coordinator for a work package on “Theories and Practices of Transformative Change for Naturescapes”.

SLU Multisensory outdoor laboratory - Sensola

The purpose of Sensola is to develop and conduct innovative research on the human-environment interaction, with a particular focus on portable sensors and studies in actual outdoor environments. Since 2019, the development of the laboratory is financed as a SLU research infrastructure project.

Hand with watch and telephone

Podcast: Humanland

A podcast supported by the Department of People and Society at SLU Alnarp, produced by the SLU environmental psychology alumni network. We explore topics related to outdoor environments for health and wellbeing with experts in the field and apply an environmental psychology perspective to understand people and planetary health.


Guest PhD student: Roberta Milardo

During spring 2024, we are happy to have Roberta Milardo as a guest at IMS. She is a Ph.D. student in agri-food economics and policy at the University of Bologna DISTAL Department, supervised by professor Aldo Bertazzoli. Her PhD project focuses on the role of advisory services in the agricultural chain, specifically regarding organic agriculture. The research objectives are to study how to strengthen agricultural advisors' professional skills and competences and improve relationships among stakeholders in the supply chain. The study involves interviews with advisory service providers in Italy and Sweden.


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