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Explore environmental psychology with the Human-land podcast

A podcast supported by the Department of People and Society at SLU Alnarp, produced by the SLU environmental psychology alumni network. We explore topics related to outdoor environments for health and wellbeing with experts in the field and apply an environmental psychology perspective to understand people and planetary health.


The alumni behind the microphones!

Amanda Gabriel and Hannah Arnett are the co-creators and producers of the podcast Human-land, as part of co-founding the alumni network, to explore, learn and share perspectives in environmental psychology. In each episode of the podcast, we invite international experts in their fields to discuss evidence and policy on environmental psychology topics. Each episode is peer-reviewed and a glossary and references are provided. The podcast is recorded in English but it is possible to email questions in both Swedish and English to: ohwalumn@slu.se

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New episode!

The fourth episode of Human-land's second season is here.

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Episode 4 - Considering environmental psychology to foster healthy societies - a spotlight interview

Environmental psychologist, Professor Lindsay McCunn, is in discussion with Human-land to explore the usage and benefits of environmental psychology through the development of methods, key topics, and the challenges in developing transdisciplinary research to contribute to the development of healthy societies.

Season 2 Episode 4

Series 2: Intro

This episode is an introduction to Series 2 and provides an overview of what environmental psychology is, how it has formed through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives, and where we find ourselves today as a global society trying to meet planetary health needs and how environmental psychology can help provide a lens for system change.

Episode 1 - Musicians for urban planning

In this episode, the spotlight turns to the PEARL (Person-Environment-Activity Research) laboratory in London, where the remarkable Professor Nick Tyler, the laboratory's creator and director, joins the conversation. Listeners are treated to an exploration of the importance of valuing subconscious experiences in shaping our cities and communities.


Episode 2 - An unwritten future: spatial justice and realms of citizenship

This is the second episode of season two. Human-land explores the fascinating world of collaborative and transdisciplinary research where we value the macrosystem perspective for spatial justice in our cities and regions, joined by Dr Matt Finch, an Associate Fellow at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

S2 - Episode 2

Episode 3 - Bringing magic to the schoolyard

Amanda Gabriel, today’s, host, explores the fascinating world of research and practice about schoolyards for children's health and wellbeing. First, we'll hear from Researcher and Associate Professor Märit Jansson, whose work revolves around creating welfare landscapes and promoting sustainable greening of school grounds. Later, we dive into the Oasis Project, and talk to project leader Raphaëlle Thiollier.

S2 - Episode 3

Series 1

Episode 1 - Finding freedom in a pandemic?

Environmental psychologist, Professor Birgitta Gatersleben shares her current research into people and nature engagement during Covid-19 in the UK, hopes for the future in sustainability and wellbeing policy and planning of accessible green health infrastructure.

Podcast episode 1

Episode 2 - Designing environments for the human needs

Researcher Jonathan Stoltz from SLU shares his current research about how environments can be designed to cater for the human needs. We hope to inspire city designers to creatively integrate evidence-based design in their planning practices to create supportive environments for health and wellbeing.

Episode 2

Episode 3 - Environments for human flourishing

Professor Caroline Hägerhäll from SLU shares her vision as part of a new research initiative to gain an improved understanding of the dynamic experience of outdoor environments and its relationship with human behaviour and health through establishing the Sensola Lab at SLU.

Episode 4 - Interdisciplinary perspectives on how we can research landscapes for sustainability

In a live hybrid podcast hosted during the SLU Landscape days, four researchers from SLU Landscape discussed their perspectives on interdisciplinary landscape research for a sustainable society.

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