About the programme

Last changed: 01 March 2019

The programme offers three main professional profile options: riding horses, trotter horsess and Icelandic horses and gives a solid theoretical an practical foundation for those who wish to work professionally within the horsesector.


For students in the "ridning horse  profile" the studies ar located to Flyinge the first year and Strömsholm the second year. The third year is from the students own choice Flyinge or Strömsholm. For students in the "trotter and icelandic horse profile" all three years ar located to Wången. The Swedish credit system awards one and a half credit for each week of full-time study. One year of completed full-time study will result in 60 credits.

Year 1

During the first year of the programme, all the students follow a similar curriculum and the focus is on the biology of the horse. There are also practical courses in riding and training trotting horses.

Year 2

The coursework in year two includes more in-depth studies specific to the needs of the student specialization. All instructors need skills and theoretical knowledge in teaching, psychology and methodology in order to work in riding/trotter schools or similar businesses. The student also needs to acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical proficiency to be responsible for the care of horse, stable and equipment, recruiting and training of horses, personnel and leadership, operation of a horse facility. The seminar course is training in scientific work. The students also continues with the practical courses (training dressage, jumping, youngsters and training trotting) in an higher level.

Year 3

The coursework in year three divides the students into further deepening into different branches if the horse sector. Students in riding horse profile can choose between riding instructor at Strömsholm or specialization in education of horses at Flyinge. For Icelandic ant Trotter profile they can choose between “Training” or “Instruction, education”. This year also includes a bachelor degree project. 


After the third year, the students in trotter horse profile can, if they have all requirements (a lot more results from competitions etc.), obtain a professional license to train and drive harness horses in races. Students in riding horse profile can attend a more qualified qualification test arranged by the Swedish Equestrian Federation to obtain an occupational diploma as Riding instructor at international Level 3. Students in Icelandic horse profile can attend a qualification test arranged by the Swedish Icelandic Horse Federation to obtain an occupational diploma as Riding instructor or Trainer of young horses.  

The courses in the program are given in Swedish.