Last changed: 05 February 2024

SLU Metabarcoding Laboratory (UMBLA) provides theoretical and experimental expertise as well as laboratory facilities for molecular species identification and organismal community analysis.

We offer state of the art research support in both basic and applied sciences for SLU researchers. Our facility provide technical service for extraction of DNA from diverse materials, nucleic acid amplification, and preparation of samples for large scale sequencing.

Detailed species community analysis possible with new technology

Recent technology development has opened up for large scale analysis of organismal communities at a level that previously was not possible. The high throughput analysis of species communities has largely developed in the areas of microbiology e.g. mycology and bacteriology, but can be applied in most fields of agriculture, forestry, ecology and environmental monitoring.

We offer hands on support and wet lab facilities to make the metabarcoding technology accessible to SLU researchers in fields were molecular techniques are not an integrated part of their usual methodology.


ake.olson@slu.se, 018-671876