20 Mar
21 Mar

Loftets hörsal, Uppsala

The third internal water seminar at SLU

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Snow-covered lake, blue sky, and forest in the horizon.

Do you want to learn more about our water research? We are planning for the third internal water seminar at SLU to take place in Uppsala, March 20-21. Younger and early-career scholars from different departments will give presentations about their studies associated to water.

SLU has strong and broad expertise on water, but we are spread out across different faculties, departments and campuses. This seminar gives us the opportunity to take part in the work of younger researchers, an opportunity to meet, get involved, interact and learn more about current and future research on water at SLU as a whole.

We hope that the seminar can stimulate future collaborations on water.

The last day for registration was March 6.


Time: 2023-03-20 13:00 - 2023-03-21 12:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Loftets hörsal
Organiser: SLU Water Forum


Monday March 20

13.00-13.10   Welcome and introduction, Jens Olsson

13.10-13.30   Anna-Karin Dahlberg (Aquatic Sciences and Assessment) Dispersal of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and greenhouse gases (GHGs) from wood fiber-contaminated sediments in Sweden

13.30-13.50   Viktor Thunell (Aquatic Resources) Fitness consequences and energy allocation strategies driven by body size dependent responses to warming

13.50-14.10   Ani Vardanyan (Molecular Sciences) Roles and applications of enzymes in water treatment

14.10-14.30   Marcus Klaus (Forest Ecology and Management) Microbubbles: hidden gateways for greenhouse gas emissions from inland waters?

14.30-15.00 Coffe and tea break

15.00-15.20   Christos Palaiokostas (Animal Breeding and Genetics) Arctic charr selective breeding in Sweden

15.20-15.40  Lo Persson (Fish, Wildlife and Environment) Iteroparity and life-history variation in Atlantic salmon

15.40-16.00 Fernando Puente Sanchez (Aquatic Sciences and Assessment) Global dispersal routes of freshwater microorganisms

16.00-16.15 Shorter break

16.15-16.35   Eva-Lotta Blom (Fish, Wildlife and Environment) Surviving and thriving in an increasingly noisy world: can fish adapt?

16.35-16.55  Blaize Denfeldt (Aquatic Sciences and Assessment) What can SITES Water offer to an early career researcher - A case study on lake biogeochemistry

16.55-17.00 End of day one

 17.00- Mingle, food and beverages

Tuesday March 21

09.00-09.20   Maarten Wynants (Soil and Environment) Modelling the efficacy of catchment remediation measures for reducing sediment & nutrient exports under future climate trajectories

09.20-09.40   Elvira Wiktorsson (Economy) The effects of ITQ management on the processing sector

09.40-10.00  Parisa Norouzitallab (Animal Nutrition and Management) Transgenerational epigenetic effects of heat stress: the inheritance of adaptive traits

10.00-10.30   Coffe and tea break

10.30-10.50   Louise Malmquist (Soil and Environment) Potential and challenges of data resolution for hydrological catchment modelling - implications for evaluating retention capacity in Swedish agriculturally dominated catchments under impact of agrometeorological extreme events

10.50-11.10   Max Lindmark (Aquatic Resources) Embracing local scale and latent processes in climate-driven range shifts

11.10-11.30   Sara Sandström (Aquatic Sciences and Assessment) Sources, composition and transport of fluvial suspended sediment and attached phosphorus in agricultural catchments: A cross-scale analysis

11.30-11.50  Renee van Dorst (Fish, Wildlife and Environment) Current challenges for Arctic charr: climate change and species interactions

11.50-12.00 End of the seminar