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SEK 4.6 million for healthier dogs and cats

Published: 21 March 2017

The Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) and Agria's research fund has allocated a total of SEK 4.6 million to support 25 research projects in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Twelve of the projects are new, of which five are SLU projects.

New SLU-projects

Effect of prednisolone treatment from a pharmacological and clinical chemical point of view

Inger Lilliehöök, year 1 of 2

Dwarfism in ragdoll cats

Jeanette Hanson, year 1 of 2

The Nordic dog genome project

Tomas Bergström, year 1 of 3

Prevention of back injuries in growing dogs

Miriam Kjörk Granström, year 1 of 3

Autoimmune diseases in dogs: diagnostic challenges

Bodil Ström Holst, year 1 of 2

Ongoing SLU projects granted continued funding

• Lena Pelander SLU, Association between biomarkers and kidney function. Year 2 of 2.
• Sofia Mikko SLU, Genetic background of the flat chest of Bengal cats. Year 2 of 3.
• Helene Hamlin SLU, Antinuclear antibodies, CRP and IgA in Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever. Year 2 of 3.
• Cecilia Rohdin SLU, Progressive non painful myelopathy in pugs. Year 2 of 3.
• Eva Axnér SLU, Can melatonin affect the bitch's running cycle?  Year 2 of 2.
• Eva Hellmén SLU, Evaluation of diagnosis and treatment of mammary tumors. Year 2 of 2.

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