2019-2020 CFI projects has been selected

Last changed: 07 April 2021

Four proposals have been selected for 2020 Call for Ideas funding.

CALL for IDEAS 2020 – the jury’s decision!

This year’s SLU Landscape Call for Ideas focused on FIELD STUDIES, as usual in collaboration between at least three persons, from at least two organizations within SLU Landscape. The steering group (also the jury) received seven applications, out of which were chosen four, to be granted SEK 50 000.

The criteria is a combination of subject actuality and expected good collaboration.

The chosen projects are: 

SEMINAR ON THE MOVE – search for the local and the unique
Visiting sites in small towns and the countryside: Strengthening the Design-and-Build knowledge cluster within landscape architecture at SLU. In search for the local unique and how the global lands locally. (LAPF: Jitka Svensson & Åsa Bensch, SOL: Emma Butler, Maria Wisselgren & Anna Robling, AEM: Anna Bengtsson)

Visiting  research and teaching enviromnents with well functioning digital infrastructure, investigatin future potential of SLU L:s digital laboratory engagements. Fostering a common IT development within SLU Landscape. (LAPF: Mads Farsø & Anders Westin, SOL: Tomas Eriksson, MOVIUM: Harald Klein, AEM: Caroline Hägerhäll + Dept of Plant Breeding: Aakash Chavade)

BEST PRACTICE EXAMPLES OF ECOLOGICAL DESIGN                                 
Visiting best practice examples of "ecological design", while including different competence areas within SLU Landscape to foster a broader discussion.(LAPF: Christine Haaland, Karin Svensson & Petra Thorpert, SOL: Carola Wingren et al)

INCLUSIVE URBANISM FROM STRATEGY TO OUTCOME                                 
Visiting good examples in the Netherlands: Translating the common experiences into strategic considerations for SLU Landscape collaboration, e. g. a common course content. (LAPF: Maria Kylin, Eva Kristensson, Lisa Norfall & Victoria Sjöstedt, SOL: Anna Robling, Bodil Dahlman, Petter Åkerblom)


Comment: The field studies are postponed indefinitely due to Covid-19



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