About Forum for reflective practice and design research

Last changed: 28 February 2024

This Forum is a capacity building initiative to strengthen reflective practice and design research at SLU, gathering teachers, students, researchers and practitioners with interest in urban landscapes and their design.

The Forum is a transdisciplinary design research network, acting as a continuous resource, evolving vocabulary, methodology, pedagogy, communication and collaboration within SLU Landscape. The activities within the Forum seek to strengthen collaboration and knowledge exchange in the subject field of landscape design at the LAPF and SOL departments, and make design work at SLU more visible. The Forum initiates conversations with other universities for inspiration and knowledge exchange, supporting reflective practice and design research at SLU. The Forum aims to:

  • Establish a social context for vivid and open discussion at the academy about reflective practice and design research, clarifying and positioning reflective practice and design research within SLU.
  • Strengthen the design subject within SLU, and be a face outwards to the professional field, attracting attention from outside of SLU, communicating the unique and diverse landscape design project portfolio that we have, articulating design and design research competence at SLU.
  • Support applications in the direction of sustainable development research projects involving design and art.


The Forum builds on the 2021/2022 Call for Ideas project “Site Impressions in Sustainable Landscape Design”


Activities during 2024:
Study visit to Konstfack Stockholm with the aim to learn from Konstfack’s approaches to artistic research and their studio teaching (April 2024).

Seminar in Linköping about design research projects at SLU. The Forum arranges a pre-meeting during spring to discuss ideas for design research projects and transdisciplinary collaboration constellations (existing initiatives and ideas for new ones). (June 2024)

Workshop at SLU Landscape Days about criteria for artistic qualification for higher university positions and criteria for admission to the LARK-program through artistic work. (October 2024)

Activities during 2023:
Workshop at SLU Landscape Days Ultuna. Discussion about Forum-initiatives and long-term goals. (October 2023)

Study trip to the Barcelona Biennale. (November 2023)

A publication on design research based on the material collected on the Forum website. (2023-2025)

Main contacts

Victoria Sjöstedt, Caroline Dahl at LAPF and Sofia Sandqvist and Malin Eriksson at SOL (Forum coordinators)




Victoria Sjöstedt, Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

E-mail: victoria.sjostedt@slu.se
Phone: +46 40 415161

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