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UPDATE from SLU Landscape Days 2017, April 27-28 in Ultuna

Published: 15 March 2017

The SLU Landscape Days in April 2017









A slide show summarizing the SLU Landscape Days in April 2017

Ecotone Thinking

A Field Studies Workshop at SLU Landscape Days, April 28, 9.30-12.00

Facilitators: Gunilla Lindholm, Andrea Kahn (Landscape Planning/Design of Urban Landscapes)

Purpose: This workshop uses a field study exercise to explore the variety of perceptions and vocabularies used within the landscape field to conceptualize, describe and discuss a common site. It aims to foster collaboration between colleagues from different sub-fields of Landscape Architecture. To do so, it initiates a conversation about how to jointly engage different field study approaches, and the landscape knowledge they produce, to benefit landscape-related research and education.

Process: Groups will be formed in advance (based on answers to a short questionnaire on research focus, field study technique and field study focus). The workshop will begin with individuals in each group making field studies on one of three areas at the Ultuna campus, making notations, sketches, photos etc. Each group will then share impressions and collectively build an argument for why its field study location should be considered for the location of the “Green Innovation Park”, the ongoing project at SLU, using the material from the field study. The arguments, presented in plenum, will be followed by a plenary discussion on opportunities and challenges with using field work as ground for collaboration.


When signing up, participants, should identify their primary research focus, field study technique and field study focus.
Participants should bring (their usual) material for field studies.

Literature circle

Literary workshop at Landscape Days, April 28, 9:30- 12:00.

This activity is open to all members of SLU landscape. This workshop is a part of a reading circle on the book Research in Landscape Architecture Methods and Methodology Edited by Adri van den Brink , Diedrich Bruns , Hilde Tobi and Simon Bell . The book is available on SLU library on the following link

The primary purpose of the workshop is raise awareness about the need for critical discussions, close reading, and how we can communicate different ideas in engaging ways. We will explore and discuss what is a productive setting for close reading and discussion about theories and methods in landscape architecture. The participants should be prepared by reading part I (to be discussed on a previous salon) and part III (Selected approaches and methods). Further outcome is to conjointly plan a final seminar on the last week of August 2017.

Program of the days

SLU LANDSCAPE DAYS 2017, April 27-28 Ultuna

General info

Everybody from Alnarp makes their own travel and accommodation reservations.

Use your own reference but state that it is the SLU Landscape day when handling the invoice. The faculty will pay.

Suggested hotel is Radisson Park Inn in Uppsala.  

Program (updated April 19)




Dinner at Dryck & Mat, Olof Palmes Plats 2, Uppsala



Venue: Room W at Ulls Hus, Ulls väg 27, Ultuna

8.30-8.35 Welcome and introduction to the day's schedule
8.35-8.50 Report of “SLU Landscape working group” 
8.55-9.25 Why we need a landscape science, lecture by Thomas Oles
09.30 – 12.00 Morning workshops:

A. Ecotone Field study - see further information below

B. Literature Circle - see further information below

12.00–13.00 Lunch at Ulls Restaurang, Duhrevägen 8
13.00-15.00 SLU Landscape Action Workshop
  The vision and mission for SLU landscape was framed initially in 2014 as a manifesto. While somewhat vague and abstract, that document provided an important guiding principle. Now it is time to get more specific. By group-sourcing actionable proposals, we all contribute to the SLU landscape vision, and move from “talk the talk” to “walk the walk”. Drawing on the contributions of many, results from this workshop will be used to formulate an SLU Landscape action plan.
15.00-15.30 Closing - Afterthoughts and next steps