Växtföljder vid ekologisk odling i växthus

Last changed: 24 May 2023

This project considers the new realities for organic cultivation in controlled environments (greenhouse, polytunnel) according the recently launched EU directive 2018/848. It focuses on crop rotation management. Based on the conditions given in the new legislation, we examine two low-tech crop rotations with four crops, combined with flower strips. The core crop rotation consisting of sugar snaps (nitrogen fixation, early vegetable) and cucumber (main crop) is followed by either common rue or white radish as agricultural service crops (ASC) and terminated by cold resistent leafy vegetables. Specific emphasis is put on corky root disease and proliferation of Aphanomyces. Apart from agronomic parameters, such as plant performance, growth and development, yield, soil fertility and health, as well as disease attack and product quality are considered. The project is based on results from the 1-year-long organic cultivation of frost resistant leafy vegetables, funded by Ekhaga foundation, and insights and experiences from the European CoreOrganic project “GreenResilient”.


The project is funded by: Swedish Board of Agriculture

Duration of the project: 2021-2023

Project Leader: Beatrix Alsanius

Other contributors: Anna Karin Rosberg, Lars Mogren, Klara Löfkvist, Ramesh Vetukuri