Growth chambers

Last changed: 26 October 2016
Photo of growth chamber.

These chambers are designated for research activities with less stringent demands on climatization.

All chambers have functions for the control of temperature and light, but there is no control of air humidity or CO₂. Climatization takes place with circulating air. A minor part of the air is continuously exchanged to secure the level of CO₂ (depending on demands on control of CO₂) and to ventilate undesirable gases. This air is passing through HEPA-filter. The use area of the chambers is ca 8 m² with a free height of 2,3 m. There is access to cold tap water, de-ionized water, compressed air and electrical sockets. All chambers meet the requirements for enclosed cultivation. All chambers have the following operational conditions:

Temperature  +5 oC  –  +35 oC
Light   50 – 250 mmol m-2 s-1, T5 fluorescent tubes

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