Risk-based animal welfare assessment (RAWA)

Last changed: 14 September 2023
Illustration: Animals

To guarantee sustainable animal husbandry and production, consumer and authority trust must be maintained. Effective control and assurance of animal welfare is therefore needed. Swedish animal production must also be able to communicate specific quality aspects of the food production chain in a good way on the international market. There is thus a need to develop methods to assess and monitor animal welfare risks as part of official control efforts. According to EC Regulation no. 882/2004, the official animal welfare control shall be conducted in a risk-based way.

The project Risk-based animal welfare assessment (RAWA) aimed to provide a basis for development of methods and routines to assess and monitor risks of poor animal welfare at Swedish operations. It was carried out between 2008 and 2012, funded by the Swedish Board of Agriculture through a grant for the promotion of animal protection.

For further information, please contact project coordinator Jan Hultgren.