Molecular tools for detection of gastro-intestinal parasites and anthelmintic resistance in sheep

Last changed: 09 May 2022

A working strategy for parasite control is important to have to conduct a sustainable grazing-based lamb breeding with good animal welfare. Access to effective deworming agents is one of the cornerstones of successful parasite control. Development of resistance of the parasites to these drugs threatens this recurrence.

The aim of the project was to develop molecular tools for parasite diagnosis as well as sampling methods and genetic markers for the detection of drug resistance and in particular towards the most pathogenetic parasite of sheep, Haemonchus contortus. Through the project, we now have access to various molecular methods both to detect the most important parasites and the presence of benzimadazole-resistant H. contortus in flocks of sheep. In contrast, the allele frequencies of the genetic markers developed to detect resistance to ivermectin or levamisole were not correlated with a reduced treatment effect. In summary, occurrence of Haemonchus contortus and the presence of resistance to benzimidazoles can now be monitored with higher precision than before.

Project-time: 2016-2021

The project was carried out in collaboration between BVF Gård & Djurhälsa.

Group members

Johan Höglund, professor, BVF
Paulius Baltrusis, doktorand, BVF
Nizar Enwejis, forskare, BVF
Peter Halvarsson, forskare, BVF
Katarina Gustafsson, Gård & Djurhälsan

Recent publications from the project:

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