Anthelmintic resistance in the equine roundworm

Last changed: 05 July 2022

The equine roundworm is the horse's largest intestinal parasite. Equine roundworm infections are very common in foals and young horses. Older horses develop immunity to the worm, and in horses older than 4 years, equine roundworm infections are very uncommon.

The aim of this project is to summarize the current status of equine roundworm anthelmintic resistance, which could be used to revise recommendations on anthelmintic use. Furthermore, how anthelmintic resistance develops will be studied, and, if possible, markers for emerging resistance will be identified.

More information about the project is available in Swedish.


Eva Tyden, Researcher
Department of Biomedical Science and Veterinary Public Health, Parasitology Unit, +4618671208