Genetic evaluation of linear profiling traits for Swedish Warmblood horses (SWB)

Last changed: 25 January 2018

Since 2013 young sport horses are described for 50 different traits for conformation, gaits and jumping ability at young horse tests. In this project we investigate how the information can be used as a tool in breeding.

The aim of the project is to develop a routine for genetic evaluation of linear profiling traits described for horses at young horse test of 3-year-old SWB horses. The estimated breeding values (BVs) will be presented as deviations from a reference population and can be used by breeders as a tool in matching stallions and mares. The BVs will also make it possible to follow the genetic trend in these detailed traits for SWB and give knowledge of what characteristics that is important for performance. The project will result in indexes that can be published online at


The project is funded by: SWB

Duration of the project: 20160101-20161231

Project Leader: Åsa Viklund

Other contributors: Susanne Eriksson