The epidemiology of stifle joint diseases in dogs

Last changed: 04 October 2017
Black dog with open mouth. photo

The main objective of the project is to investigate the presence of stifle joint diseases in dogs insured in Agria. This will be done by analyzing information from their database.

The focus will be on finding risk factors that contribute to the development of patellar luxation and cruciate ligament injuries, which are among the most common stifle joint diseases. Long-term prognosis and treatment depending prognosis will also be investigated.

Stifle joint diseases are common in dogs and often cause great problems with long-term pain and lameness.

There are many different types of stifle joint diseases, where cruciate
ligament injuries and patellar luxation are among the most common. The costs of
these diseases are often high, as the treatment often includes expensive
surgical procedures. In addition, despite the surgery, these diseases can cause
long-term pain and effect quality of life of the animal. It's therefore
relevant to investigate risk factors that contribute to the development of
these diseases and which treatment that yields the best result.

The results may contribute to lower the prevalence of these diseases in the population and also to improve the prognosis for affected individuals by optimizing the treatment.