Grazing under northern conditions

Last changed: 21 August 2023
Cows on pasture

Grazing can be a cheap way of feeding and, as the growing season gets longer, the possibility for increased use of this resource in northern areas is improving. There are however not many studies or data on grazing for dairy cows in northern Sweden.

In this study we want to highlight grazing in northern conditions from some different points of view:

  • Estimation of biomass production on pastures using sensory techniques
  • Chemical and botanical composition of the pasture
  • Prediction of enteric methane emission from the pasture
  • Collection of experiences from northern dairy farmers with high utilization of grazing
  • Production economic calculations regarding the cost of grazing

The overall goal is to optimise grazing utilisation in northern Sweden by creating practical possibilities to better include grazing in the feed planning, and to improve the conditions for a climate-efficient production. We will also link to other ongoing grazing projects at SLU and NIBIO.

The project will run 2021 and 2024 and is funded by Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning and Regional jordbruksforskning för norra Sverige.