Improved claw trimming information

Last changed: 04 January 2023

The usefulness of recorded observations at routine claw trimming of dairy cows can be improved if data is analysed more thoroughly!

Healthy claws are a prerequisite for a sustainable dairy production. Claw problems are increasing in Swedish herds, which is negative both from an animal welfare and economic perspective. Claw trimming records can be used more than what is done today.

The hypothesis of this project is that observations of problems at claw trimming have different interpretations and consequences depending on the cause and timing of claw trimming. This is something that has not been taken into account in previous studies.

The aim of this project is to get knowledge about claw trimming routines and the impact of these, how claw problems (with different treatments and severity) affect milk production, fertility, culling, etcetera, and to investigate the association between claw trimming registrations and lameness identified by ?Fråga Kon? (an animal-based welfare assessment) assessments. Data from the claw health record, milk and disease recording schemes and Fråga Kon assessments will be analysed by multivariable statistical methods.

Financier: Formas
Co-applicant: Karin Alvåsen, SLU, Christer Bergsten, SLU, Marie Jansson Mörk, Växa Sverige.


project completed