Reduced dairy cow mortality for improved animal welfare and sustainability

Last changed: 13 March 2024
Kalvar på bete Lövsta

A high rate of on-farm deaths and euthanized cows is an indication of poor animal welfare, leads to economic losses for farmers and is not compatible with sustainable food production. The mortality rate of Swedish dairy cows is high from an international perspective and efforts are needed to address the problem.

In this project, we therefore aim to:

1) conduct an epidemiological study to evaluate individual and herd-related risk factors, including genetic factors
2) in a field study follow a number of dairy herds and interview dairy farmers to identify management- and housing-related risk and success factors
3) design an advisory tool to calculate how different mortality levels affect farm economy and environmental impact
4) develop and improve the effectiveness of advisory services to reduce on-farm cow mortality. Increased knowledge of the determinants of on-farm mortality is essential to contribute to targeted and relevant preventive advisory services.


Project start date: 2023-08-01

Project end date: 2026-07-31


The project is funded by: Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning (SLF)


Project group:

Karin Alvåsen, Researcher at the Dept of Clinical Sciences, SLU and

Lisa Ekman, Freddy Fikse, Annica Hansson, Jannica Krafft, Maria Berglund at Växa



Karin Alvåsen
Researcher at the Department of Clinical Sciences; Veterinary Epidemiology Unit

Telephone: 018-671323, 070-5413227