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Last changed: 26 August 2020

The Companion Animals Research Fund is a fundraising foundation at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) under the patronage of HRH Crown Princess Victoria. The fund gives individuals, businesses and organizations the opportunity to make contributions to research on diseases that affect dogs and cats.

The Fund has since 2008 annually awarded funds for research, for example on diabetes on cats, metritis on bitches, fescue disease on cats and sudden cardiac death of dogs.

Postal giro 22 393-3 
Swish: 123 562 53 63

To further develop animal health and improve the prevention and diagnosis of diseases at an early stage, as well as to cure more dogs and cats in Sweden, more research is needed. The Companion Animal Research Fund, gives individuals interested in animals the possibility to support research.

Your contribution to the Companion Animals Research Fund can mean a lot to our pets!

Postal giro: 22 393-3
Swish: 123 562 53 63

Information folder

Download an informations about The Companion Animals Research Fund (in Swedish).


Åsa Formo, Fundraiser
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science/Vice-Chancellor's Office
Tel: +46 18 67 25 70, +46 70 689 30 33

Rauni Niskanen, Dean
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, SLU
Phone: 018-67 16 07

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