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Forest management

Forest management is a branch of forestry concerned with overall administrative, economic, legal, and social aspects, as well as scientific and technical aspects, such as silviculture, protection, and forest regulation.

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Forest and Landscape

Campus Alnarp Campus Alnarp is located in a large park surrounded by agricultural fields close to the sea between Malmö and Lund in southern Sweden. There is so much for students to explore here.

Planning and analysis with the Heureka system - a forest decision support system

Students will learn the theoretical foundations of forest planning and how an advanced forest decision support system can be used in forest management planning and other analyses related to the

Mathematical Statistics Applied to Forest Sciences

This subject area is concerned with research on mathematical and statistical methods for effectively describing and modelling characteristics and traits related to organisms and life processes that

Undergraduate and Master's Studies

Our Department provides courses in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Technology (GIT), Forest Inventory, Forest Panning, Forest Mathematical Statistics and Organization and Leadership. You

Forest Inventory and Sampling

This subject area includes field-based forest and landscape inventory, as well as development of cost-effective inventory systems that use several different data sources.

Forest Planning

Forest planning deals with decision making concerning the future development of the forest. When, where and how will silviculture and harvesting be applied on a forest holding or in a landscape in


Within SLU's Forests programme there is a wealth of knowledge and experience about both Swedish and international forest-based environmental analysis.

Doctoral and Licentiate Studies

We train doctors and licentiates to become researchers with high international competence in Forest Resource Management, Technology and Mathematical Statistics. The training is four and two years

Visiting researcher

These are former visiting researchers at our subject area. We look forward to meeting you. Langning Huo, Doctoral Student, 2018-2019 Mozhgan Zahribanhesari , Doctoral Student, 2018 Paul Treitz ,

Collaborate with us

An important part of our work is to maintain good relations with both the international scientific community in the field, and with a wide range of Swedish stakeholders, such as enterprises,


2020 Scientific Articles Chi, J.; Nilsson, M.B.; Laudon, H.; Lindroth, A.; Wallerman, J.; Fransson, J.E.S.; Kljun, N.; Lundmark, T.; Ottosson Löfvenius, M. & Peichl, M. (2020). The net landscape

Landscape visualization

Visualization is a tool used to illustrate the future landscape given different scenarios and also to show historical events and changes in landscape. Building a visualized landscape requires a