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Forest management

Forest management is a branch of forestry concerned with overall administrative, economic, legal, and social aspects, as well as scientific and technical aspects, such as silviculture, protection, and forest regulation.

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SLU Maps

Maps developed by SLU using data from our Environmental monitoring and assessment. New maps are continuously added.


The aim of the project is to create a basis for decision-making in practical forest management on a European and regional level. The project is expected to contribute with knowledge in environmental

ForestWard Observatory

FORWARDS will prototype The ForestWard Observatory, which will be aiming to provide timely and detailed information on European forests’ vulnerability to climate change impacts, science-based

Forest Planning

Forest planning deals with decision making concerning the future development of the forest. When, where and how will silviculture and harvesting be applied on a forest holding or in a landscape in

Project entrepreneurs

The project aim to engage 10 entrepreneurs in Finland and Sweden respectivly. Here the project entrepreneurs will be shortly presented and we aim to follow their work with and their development

Report regulated pests

If you suspect an attack by a quarantine pest, you are obliged to report it to the Swedish Board of Agriculture by filling in a report form. Here you will also find more information about new and


Within SLU's Forests programme there is a wealth of knowledge and experience about both Swedish and international forest-based environmental analysis.

Webbinarium: Skogsdata 2024

henrik.j.persson@slu.se Ny statistik och resultat från Riksskogstaxeringens artinriktade inventeringar. Fotograf: Åke Bruhn, SLU. Artinventering i Ydre, Östergötland. SLU Riksskogstaxeringen

Report Launch: Socio-economic indicators for the assessment of sustainability in the Swedish forest sector, and linkages with the national environmental quality objectives

henrik.j.persson@slu.se Welcome to a launch fika for our brand-new report "Socio-economic indicators for the assessment of sustainability in the Swedish forest sector, and linkages with the


Decisions involving scarce resources is a common definition of economics. The research area Economics is usually divided into Business Economics and Economics. The research at the Department within

3.1 Eskoo

The Wellbeing Services County of South Ostrobothnia, Support and Competence centre Eskoo: Seinäjoki unit in Eskoo joint Municipal Authority for Social Services is one of the national pioneers in its

Nordic Nature Health Hub

A meeting place and resource for nature entrepreneurs, researchers, organizations, authorities and everyone interested in the effects of animals and nature on human health.