Research at SRH

Last changed: 09 October 2020
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Research at the Department is focused on multilateral cooperation combining expertise from our many research groups. This gives unique possibilities for creating holistic solutions for the sustainable use of natural resources. The Department's research is conducted within the different Subject Areas as well as Environmental Monitoring.

Subject areas 

Forest Remote Sensing - development and validate remote sensing methods for forest management planning and environmental analysis. 

Forest Inventory and Sampling - includes field-based forest and landscape inventory, as well as development of cost-effective inventory systems that use several different data sources.

Forest Planning - focuses on planning processes for different types of forest owners and aims to develop competence and methods that can be applied in practice to promote sustainable forest management. 

Mathematical Statistics Applied to Forest Sciences - research on mathematical and statistical methods for effectively describing and modelling characteristics and traits related to organisms and life processes that are part of forest ecosystems and forest landscapes.

Landscape Studies - includes descriptions and analyses of the current state as well as change processes occurring at both the local and landscape level, within the ecosystem and communities where sustainability is of issue.

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