Research at SRH

Last changed: 09 September 2019

Research at the Department is focused on multilateral cooperation combining expertise from our many research groups. This gives unique possibilities for creating holistic solutions for the sustainable use of natural resources. The Department's research is conducted within the different Subject Areas as well as Environmental Monitoring.

Subject areas 

Forest Remote Sensing - development and validate remote sensing methods for forest management planning and environmental analysis. 

Forest Inventory and Sampling - development and application of infrastructure for making historical forest inventory data available for new analyses. 

Forest Planning - practical applications for the sustainable use of forest with consideration to economy, natural values and social aspects.  

Mathematical Statistics Applied to Forest Sciences - mathematical and statistical analyses, model temporal, spatial and spatio-temporal data and develop new methods.  

Landscape Studies - focus on human-induced change processes with regards to their influence on rural communities.



Hans Petersson, Researcher
Department of Forest Resource Management, Division of Forest Resource Analysis, SLU, 090- 786 85 01

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