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Eight researchers associated to EPOK

Published: 07 March 2011

EPOK has contracted eight researchers who will work on research coordination, dissemination and communication.

- I am pleased to greet our new employees welcome, says Maria Wivstad, director of EPOK.

- Now that the scientists are in place, our knowledge center can take serious hold of the work to gather and disseminate the knowledge available about organic production and consumption among both scientists and other professionals, says Maria.

- Our ambition is to reach many different audiences, from consumers and politicians to advisers and farmers, says Mary.

The researchers' tasks at EPOK cover 25 percent of a full-time. The assignments are divided into six different areas and staffed by the following persons:

Pigs and poultry
Anna Wallenbeck, Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU, Uppsala

Pigs and poultry
Stefan Gunnarsson, Department of Animal Environment and Health, SLU Skara

Recycling, plant nutrients
Siri Caspersen, Area Horticulture, SLU Alnarp

Pest management, ecosystem services
Johan Ahnström, Department of Ecology, SLU, Uppsala

Food quality, food-health
Axel Mie, Karolinska Institutet

Economics and Market
Ruben Hoffmann, Department of Economics, SLU, Uppsala

Systems analysis of environmental impact and resource management
Cecilia Sundberg and Elin Röös (part of the assignment), Department of Energy and Technology, SLU, Uppsala