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About EPOK

EPOK – Centre for Organic Food and Farming at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) works with collaboration, coordination and information on organic agriculture research in a Swedish, Nordic and international perspective. EPOK is a resource for the entire SLU for communications with the outside world and to coordinate and initiate research and education.

EPOK:s field of activity – organic farming – includes the whole food system from production to consumption.

EPOK works with researchers, advisors, farmers, policy makers, industry, consumers organisations and students. EPOK functions as a hub for dissemination and communication.

Our assignments:

  • Supply knowledge to target groups throughout the whole food system and to interest groups, authorities and decision makers.
  • Stimulate dialogue and build networks to increase interdisciplinarity, collaboration and relevance in science.
  • Support increased sustainability in organic production and at the same time contribute to increased sustainability in all agricultural systems.
  • Teach about organic farming and organic food and form a knowledge resource for students and teachers at different schools and universities.


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