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Research Agenda for Organic Food and Farming (2022). Eds. Johanna Spångberg & Karin Ullvén

Swedish research on organic food and farming (Updated september 2022) A list of research projects on organic food and farming with contacts to project leaders and specified grant sums.

Organic – always the best choice? A fact sheet directed towards Swedish consumers answering common questions on organic food and farming from a scientific perspective. 

Organic agriculture in Sweden by Karin Ullvén & Maria Wivstad. A poster about organic agriculture in Sweden, made for the NJF conference in Mikkeli, June 2017.

Habitat manipulation – as a pest management tool in vegetable and fruit cropping systems, with the focus on insects and mites by Ulf Nilsson, Mario Porcel, Weronika Świergiel och Maria Wivstad.

Holistic Management – a critical review of Allan Savory’s grazing method (2016). by Maria Nordborg.

Precious Plant Nutrients – digestate from Swedish biogas production by Eva Salomon and Maria Wivstad.

ORGANIC FOOD – food quality and potential health effects. A review of current knowledge, and a discussion of uncertainties by Axel Mie and Maria Wivstad.

Why do (don’t) we buy organic food and do we get what we bargain for? by Ruben Hoffmann and Maria Wivstad.

NORD – Nordic Organic Research & Development.
A magazine from EPOK.

Organic Production and Climate Change – from a Swedish perspective, Elin Röös, Cecilia Sundberg, Eva Salomon and Maria Wivstad, 2014. A short version of a knowledge synthesis that is only available in Swedish.

Research Agenda for Organic Agriculture 2013 Research challenges and knowledge requirements for organic food and farming, Maria Wivstad (editor) 2013.

More Biodiversity on Organic Farms?, a short compilation from a coming review made of Camilla Winqvist as an assignment from EPOK, published in 2012.

Research on Organic Animal Husbandry in Sweden, a compilation of ongoing research projects on organic animal husbandry and welfare in 2012. Published by EPOK 2012


Older publications from the former Centre CUL

Framework Programme for Research on Organic Production and Consumption 2010–2012

Framework Programme for Research 2007–2009. A description of the need for knowledge in organic agriculture – production and consumption. Geber, U. (red), 2007.

Approaches to Social Sustainability in Alternative Food Systems. Ekologiskt lantbruk nr 47. Sumelius, J. & Vesala, K.M. (eds.). December 2005.

Environmental impacts of eco-local food systems – final report from BERAS Work Package 2. Ekologiskt lantbruk nr 46. Artur Granstedt, Olof Thomsson and Thomas Schneider (eds.). December 2005.

Ecosystem services as a tool for production improvement in organic farming – the role and impact of biodiversity. Ekologiskt lantbruk nr 45. Birgitta Rämert, Lennart Salomonsson, Paul Mäder (eds.). December 2005.

Obstacles and Solutions in Use of Local and Organic Food. Ekologiskt lantbruk nr 44. Salla Kakriainen & Hans von Essen (eds.). December 2005.

Possibilities for and Economic Consequences of Switching to Local Ecological Recycling Agriculture. Ekologiskt lantbruk nr 43. John Sumelius (ed.). October 2005.

Effective recycling agriculture around the Baltic Sea. Ekologiskt lantbruk nr 41. Granstedt, A., Seuri, P. and Thomsson, O.. December 2004.

Local and organic food and farming around the Baltic Sea. Ekologiskt lantbruk nr 40. Sepännen, L (ed.). July 2004.

Learning our way towards a sustainable agri-food system. Three cases from Sweden: Stockholm Farmers market, Ramsjö Community Supported Agriculture and Järna Initiative for Local Production. Ekologiskt lantbruk nr 38. Adler, S., Fung, S. Huber, G. and Young, L. April 2003.

Emergy Evaluations of Denmark and Danish Agriculture Assessing the Limits of Agricultural Systems to Power Society. Ekologiskt lantbruk nr 37. Haden, A. C. Mars 2003.

Pilot studies in organic broiler production – management and cross-breeds. Ekologiskt lantbruk nr 34. Bassler, A. and Ciszuk, P. May 2002.

Ecosystem properties and principles of living systems as foundation for sustainable agriculture – Critical reviews of environmental assessment tools, key findings and questions from a course process. Ekologiskt lantbruk nr 32. Doherty, S., Rydberg, T. (editors), with Ekbladh, G., Grönlund, E., Ingemarson, F., Karlsson, L., Nilsson, S., Strid Eriksson, I., Januari 2002.

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