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Organic farming systems as a driver for change

Published: 07 November 2012

On 21–23 August 2013 the international seminar called "Organic farming systems as a driver for change" will take place in Denmark. Papers and posters must be submitted by February 15.

One purpose of the seminar is to show how research on organic production have met or can meet the serious challenges we face in protecting our environment and to ensure a satisfactory standard of living for all. The seminar also emphasizes the need for improvements in practical farming systems, both support for farmers and the development of organic agriculture in a sustainable direction.

The seminar is organized by the following four tracks:
1. Societal and economic viability
2. Transition to renewable resources
3. Nutrient sufficiency and management in farming systems
4. Productivity and sustainable production levels in animal and crop production

The seminar is organized by NJF in cooperation with ICROFS - International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems in Denmark and EPOK.