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Revenge for an old forage crop

Published: 09 October 2013

Efforts are being done on many fronts to increase the local production of protein feed that can reduce the dependence of the world market. The Rural Economy and Agricultural Society in Örebro was noticed by the regional television news programme “Tvärsnytt” for its cropping trials with sainfoin.

– We have worked with domestic protein crops for several years, says Anna Redner, an agronomist at the Rural Economy and Agricultural Society in Örebro. We have had agronomic trials with soy and lupine to see if it could work. Now this year we have tested sainfoin, a crop that can fix their own nitrogen, just like clover and lucerne.

– Organic producers have a requirement that a certain portion of their feeding stuffs must be produced at the farm, but also conventional farmers are interested in trying new things that may result in better control of the economy, says Anna Redner.