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Researchers from SLU in KRAV’s scientific council

Published: 06 May 2013

The organisation KRAV, working with organic standard development in Sweden and the KRAV label, recently formed a scientific advisory board consisting of two women and two men doing research on how food affects the environment, health, animal welfare and how companies work with social responsibility (CSR).

– The KRAV scientific council is a part of the efforts to ensure that KRAV offers distinguishable added values beyond the EU regulations for organic production, says Elisabeth Gauffin, chairman of the KRAV Board.

The council's very first members, appointed by KRAV Board and elected at least two years, are:

Christel Cederberg, Professor at Chalmers University of Technology and researcher at SIK, the Swedish Institute for Food Technology and Biotechnology. Does research on how food production affects the environment.

Stefan Gunnarsson, veterinarian, Senior Lecturer at SLU. His research area is in animal health and animal welfare. Stefan is also affiliated with EPOK.

Pia Lindeskog, nutritionist and former director at a division of lifestyle and environment at the former Swedish public health agency. Pia has done research on health- and environmental aspects of food.

Niklas Egels Zandén, associate professor at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. His research is on how companies work with social responsibility.