Funded projects 2022

Last changed: 05 June 2023
Sustainable Development Goal 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

Two projects were awarded seed funding as part of Food & Cities' first open call in the spring 2022. The two projects will develop cross- and transdisciplinary perspectives in relation to the thematic focus of Food & Cities, exploring the systemic relations of food systems and urban development and how these relationships influence the transformation towards sustainable societies.

The projects each demonstrate connection to SDG 11 and its interactions between other SDGs, showcasing SLU’s capacity to produce research relevant to current and future sustainability challenges.

The following projects were granted funding:

Alternative Food Networks (AFN) - Is local profitable?

The project seeks to understand the development of Alternative Food Networks in Sweden, looking at the diversity of actors and organizational structures involved in these networks. The project is particularly interested in understanding how the different production and processing practices of these networks influence consumer choice and behavior.

The funding will be used to develop a workshop bringing together a cross-disciplinary research team and societal actors to investigate these research avenues. The findings from this workshop will be used to develop a research grant application for a larger research project.

Main applicant: Cecilia Mark-Herbert, Senior lecturer at the Department of Forest Economics

Climate change also brings opportunities to Sweden –Perceptions and willingness of farmers, forest owners, and urban residents to embrace new crops and forest-based products

The project looks at the challenges and opportunities of climate change for growing crops and forest-based products in Sweden. Bringing together perspectives relating to climate change, agricultural and forest production, food nutrition and consumer behaviour, the research team will develop a research agenda for exploring (synergistic) ways to take the most advantage of agricultural opportunities brought by climate change to Sweden, giving particular focus both to willingness of farmers to produce new crops and consumer’s willingness to consume these products.

The funding will be used to develop a workshop bringing together cross-disciplinary perspectives on these issues, with the ambition of developing a flagship research program at SLU that will open doors to multi-country research projects.

Main applicant: Adan Martinez Cruz, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Forest Economics