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Final report

The project results are presented in a project report and a financial report, which are submitted to SLU Partnership Alnarp. We also encourage the dissemination of results through fact sheets and reports.

The Partnership's template for the final report is mandatory to use when reporting research projects. (This reporting procedure applies to projects granted from autumn 2022 onwards.)

The overall purpose of the final reporting template is to make the project results accessible to partners and stakeholders. We actively aim to meet society's need for new knowledge within our areas of operation and expertise. The template ensures that project information is consistent and clear.

The final report, along with a signed financial report (eduSign by economist), should be submitted by the specified final reporting date to partnerskapalnarp@slu.se.

Are you reporting a seminar or thesis project?

See Applications for seminars and thesis projects


Fact sheets

A fact sheet can contribute to the popular dissemination of results. For projects at the LTV-faculty there is a template for the LTV Faculty’s fact sheet series and 2-page and 4-page options are available at the bottom of the page. The fact sheet must contain the text “Facts from SLU Partnership Alnarp”.

To publish the fact sheet, upload it to Epsilon, read more on Guide for registering your publications and making them openly availableAfter publication, email partnerskapalnarp@slu.se saying that the fact sheet has been uploaded, attach the link.

Publishing a report in LTV Faculty's report series is not mandatory. However, if such a report is produced, the office requests that a link is emailed to partnerskapalnarp@slu.se. If the report cannot be publicly available in its entirety temporarily, it is important to communicate this during correspondence with SLU Partnership Alnarp.


If final reporting cannot be done according to the original plan, contact Håkan Schroeder by email requesting an extension, stating the reason for the delay. If an extension is granted, this will be registered in the database.

Payment of funding at the LTV Faculty

For projects at the LTV Faculty, the project account code at each department must be communicated to SLU Partnership Alnar office as soon as it has been created.

Once the project agreement has been submitted, the total amount granted will be paid to the account code provided by the department.

Published: 15 August 2023 - Page editor: johanna.grundstrom@gmail.com

SLU Partnership Alnarp is an organisation for cooperation between the faculty at SLU in Alnarp and the business community, public authorities and industry organisations in southern Sweden. The partnership’s activities include research and development projects, seminars, degree projects and mentoring programmes, with a focus on agriculture, forestry and horticulture.