About the SLU Platform Plant Breeding

Last changed: 18 January 2021

The mission of SLU Platform Plant Breeding is to stimulate and support collaboration between personnel located at SLU's various sites and faculties. It also aims to strengthen SLU's profile in plant breeding internationally. The participating faculties are the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science(LTV), the Faculty of Forest Sciences (S) and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences (NJ).

A committee with two members from each faculty leads the coordination of common activities including research, education, infrastructure and interaction with stakeholders.

Committee members

Mariette Andersson (Chairman), LTV-faculty
Harry Wu (Vice chairman), S-faculty
Anna Westerbergh, NJ-faculty
Ove Nilsson, S-faculty
Martin Weih, NJ-faculty
Rodomiro Ortiz, LTV-faculty

SLU platforms for University-wide collaboration and coordination

The SLU Plant Breeding Platform is one of three “Fakultetsgemensamma ämnesområden växtskydd, växtförädling och odlingssystem” instituted 1 January 2014. The other two are the SLU Platfom Plant Protection and the SLU Platform for Crop Production Systems.


  • Minimize the risk for overlapping work in research and education
  • Make use of common resources and complementary competences
  • Support collaboration between groups from different geographic and organizational units

Funds has been reserved to facilitate travels, courses, meetings, support for coordinating grant applications, and platform-specific positions.

Annual reports

If you are interested in our annual reports, please contact Katja.Fedrowitz@slu.se.

Postdoc projects

The platform financed three postdoc projects (2015-2018). Each faculty had the main mentorship for one of the postdoc positions. Linked to the projects were also mentors from other faculties.

The three projects, postdocs and mentors:

Reproductive development and early cone-setting in Norway spruce

Veronika Nordal
Jens Sundström (NJ), Sara von Arnold (NJ), Ove Nilsson (S)

SLU Plant breeding and genetic resources enhancement informatics

Sandeep Kumar Kushwaha
Rodomiro Ortiz (LTV), Anders Carlsson (LTV), Erik Andreasson (LTV), Erik Alexandersson (LTV), Eugene Savenkov (NJ)

Optimizing Plant Breeding Strategies Using Genome-wide Dense Marker Data

Henrik Hallenbäck (NJ)
Harry Wu (S), Larisa Gustavsson (LTV), Anna Westerbergh (NJ)

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SLU Platform Plant Breeding

Mariette Andersson (Chair)
Department of Plant Breeding, Alnarp
tel: +46 40 41 55 41

Katja Fedrowitz (Coordinator)
Department of Ecology, Uppsala
tel: +46 18 67 21 96

Page editor: Katja.Fedrowitz@slu.se