Open call - Urban Food-Energy-Water nexus

Last changed: 16 October 2023

The SLU Urban Futures Ultuna Hub issues 3 x 50 000 SEK seed funding grants to SLU employees to initiate and develop research connected to Food-Energy-Water nexus in the urban context. The seed funding can be used to support activities for developing research projects, e.g. building consortium, developing a pilot project, data collection and field work. We encourage applicants to use the funding for activities that will support a research application in Spring 2024 (for example Formas open call).


About the Food-Energy-Water nexus theme

Urban areas are net consumers of food, energy and water, posing complexities for resource governance that transcends spatial scales. Similarly, how these resources are transformed, used and disposed of further raises important questions for sustainability in the urban context.

The urban Food-Water-Energy nexus refers to the complex ways food, energy and water systems are intricately connected through urban places and/or processes of urbanization. How food-energy-water systems are used, managed, governed and transformed are integrally connected to whether urban areas achieve their sustainability and climate goals. Research looking into the interconnection and interaction of FEW systems therefore requires inter- and/or transdisciplinary approaches; and approaches that apply critical perspectives to the current use, planning and visions for FEW systems. SLU Urban Futures encourages applicants to collaborate with societal actors (for example municipalities, energy & infrastructure companies, food producers, NGOs) to develop innovative approaches to FEW issues.

How do you apply? 

1) Read the application guidelines here.

2) Fill out the application form and email this document to EXTENDED DEADLINE: 3 November 2023.

APPLICATION FORM - Food-Energy-Water Call 2023


A short report detailing your activities and outcomes using the reporting template (containing an Agresso economic report), as well as a (confidential) copy of your research proposal must be submitted to before 21 March 2024 or the funding will not be granted. The initial activity funded by SLU Urban Futures will be presented on our website, in a format approved by the applicant. 

The seed funding application can be submitted in Swedish or English, with an SLU researcher as main applicant.

Assessment and decision

The proposals will be evaluated by the SLU Urban Futures Platform Director, respective Hub Coordinator and the platform steering group, which includes representatives from all SLU faculties. Any conflict of interest within the steering group will be handled according to SLU guidelines. 

Only applications meeting the requirements listed in the call will be evaluated.  

Applicants will be notified of the decision with a brief motivation from the evaluation group, approximately three weeks after the end of the application period. Approved applications will be published on SLU Urban Futures' website and social media. Applicants are responsible for announcing the outcome of the application to other participants in the project. 

For questions regarding the application, please contact: Andrew Gallagher,


Andrew Gallagher, Project Coordinator for SLU Urban Futures
Hub coordinator, Ultuna
The Unit for Collaboration and Development
+46(0)730 55 80 27