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Futures Lab

The Futures Lab is a forum for interdisciplinary explorations of future research questions and societal challenges.

Post-its during a workshop.

Research with future perspectives

The Futures Lab was initiated in 2019 by the two future platforms SLU Urban Futures and SLU Future Food. The lab has its thematic focus where the subject areas of these two platforms meet: sustainable urban development and a sustainable food system. In 2020, an interdisciplinary research group participated in a project where the participants immersed themselves in future studies and developed their own projects with a future perspective. In 2022, the Future Lab will run a webinar series, where everyone who is interested in future studies is welcome.

Webinars on Future Studies

In March 2022, SLU Urban Futures and SLU Future Food kicked off the Futures Lab 2.0 with a seminar series focused on future studies. Find information on past and upcoming seminars here.

Urban Take-Aways: The Futures Lab

Urban Take-Aways is a film series where we meet researchers and practitioners from various disciplines and fields, who share insights from inspiring projects related to urban sustainability. In this film, we meet Josefin Wangel and the participants on the Futures Lab at SLU 2020.

Sustainable science fiction

Read Arwidsson Foundation's interview with Marcus Hedblom, associate professor and senior lecturer at SLU, coordinator for SLU Urban Futures AND participants in the Future Lab 2020.

Marcus Hedblom with binoculars in forest.

The Futures Lab 2020

The overall purpose of the SLU Futures Lab 2020 was to strengthen the participants-, and by extension SLU’s, ability to apply a future perspective to research. The lab was also expected to contribute to new research questions and meetings across disciplines.

The Futures Lab under development

Reflections from some of the participants in the Future Lab 2020

Four Futures for the Swedish Energy System

See the Future Lab's open lunch lecture on future studies and research given by Tobias Walla from the Swedish Energy Agency, in 2020.

Futures with multiple targets: scenarios beyond GDP growth

See the Future Lab's open lunch lecture on future studies and research given by Ulrika Gunnarsson-Östling, KTH, in 2020.

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