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Urban Forum

Urban Forum, a collaboration between SLU Urban Futures and Urban Arena at Lund University, sparks exchange between practice and academia. Each Urban Forum event makes space for practitioners and practice-oriented researchers tackling urban sustainability to meet, exhibit and discuss finished or in-progress work.

Urban Forum Reflections - CDR Studio Architects

"It was a really interesting group of projects." Victoria Rospond, architect and founder of CDR Studio Architects, talks about the first digital forum and shares takeaways and reflections from the Governor's Cup Pavilion during a design competition in New York.

Urban Forum Reflections - a studio.space

"Not too big, not too small, but just kind of right!" Tomá Berlanda and Sunniva Viking from a studio.space in South Africa share their experiences from Urban Forum, where they wanted to connect Global South with Global North, and practice with academia.

Urban Forum Reflections - Haus Bräutigam

"It's urban no matter where you are, hinterland or metropole". In this interview, Jessica Christoph and Maria Frölich-Kulik (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar) reflect on what they see as 'urban' and how everyone - not just designers - constantly are designing something in an ongoing process.

Urban Forum Online - 19 November 2021

TIME IN DESIGN – Temporal Processes in Design
Participants from Italy/Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, USA

Urban Forum Online - 12 November 2021

TIME IN DESIGN – Navigating past, present, and future
Participants from Argentina, Sweden, Switzerland and USA

Urban Forum Online - 12 March 2021

Participants from Austria, Bahrain, Denmark and Sweden

Urban Forum Online - 5 Feb 2021

RESPONSIBILITY OF DESIGN – Rethinking design processes
With participants from South Africa, Sweden, USA, Netherlands and Germany

Urban Forum Gothenburg 11-13 Sept 2019

The second Urban Forum took place in Gothenburg during the International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2019.

Urban Forum Lund 8-12 April 2019

The first Urban Forum took place in Lund during Lund’s Sustainability Week in April 2019, and included an exhibition, Floor Talks and Books in Discussion.

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